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Ashley R. Brewster

Ashley founded Impact Financial Consulting in 2017 to make personal finance easy to learn for anyone who desires.  She wanted a way to make wealth building a viable option for millennials.  After years of studying personal finance and promoting financial wellness in her own life, she began having a passion to help others, and became a financial educator at age 21.  After earning her Bachelors, she took a job at Cincinnati’s largest law firm working as a Private Wealth and Family Planning Project Coordinator.  
Ashley developed IFC’s wealth coaching program combining her education and experience into practical lessons that teach, not only millennials, but those of all ages how to win with their money.  Since launching IFC, several clients have increased their savings by at least 10% and decreased their debt by 8%, leading to incremental increases in net worth, the ultimate goal of the program.

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*Game Time Budgeting
*Clever Girl Finance
*The Private Professional
*The Loan Free Student

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