I want my clients to have a clear understanding of their path to financial freedom without judgment.
I want them to win.
— Ashley R. Brewster, Founder & CEO

Happy Clients


Impact financial consulting is life changing! Coming from a millennial whose only perspective on money was to have “good credit,” Ashley helped me shift my focus to obtaining wealth! She helped me create a budget that works for me, advised me on debt elimination, and pushed me to become financially intentional. With her guidance, I was able to save an emergency fund and stop the vicious cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. She is amazing at what she does!

— Shanya, Cincinnati, OH

Psychology Professional

Simply put, Ashley has saved my family's financial future. As a young businessman with big dreams, I developed unhealthy spending habits that would be detrimental to my family's future. Ashley helped me to realize that with a few changes, I could put my family on a path to wealth and security. Her attention to detail and solutions based approach has completely changed our financial trajectory. I now have peace of mind and control of my financial future.

— Eugene, Hamilton, OH

Procurement Leader

Impact Financial Consulting gives great advice to those who are seeking to make both simple and complex financial decisions. There are tips and tricks that IFC provides that you don't learn in the classroom. Building and maintaining your financial status is a key aspect to living the way you want. Whenever I feel I'm in a rough patch or in need of guidance to make the right decision, Ashley provides teachable lessons void of judgement.

— Sarah, Atlanta, GA

Event Planner

When it comes to financial freedom and teaching healthy financial habits, Ashley makes it happen. She has coached me and encouraged me along my financial journey. She has helped me gain confidence with my finances in such a way that I have shared the concepts I have learned with others in my same financial bubble. The application of IFC's principles has been so impactful and engaging that it has brought new business ideas and great results. 

— Ben, Dayton, OH

Fitness Entrepreneur